Current state



Nowadays around 150 people form BETI JAI ALAI GROUP.The present-day headquarters allow, for its amplitude, getting together essay places, clothes and material storage even the clerical and little library.

The adult group is composed of around 80 people, together with dancers and musicians. It keeps an unceasing activity with 3 rehearses per week, dedicated to technical perfection and performances preparation.  

además de los ensayos semanales, participan en múltiples actuaciones y romerías dedicadas a ellos. Esta labor de enseñanza con los más pequeños y la dedicación al grupo infantil vienen asegurando la continuidad de la actividad y el relevo generacional de los miembros.

On the other hand, around 70 children form the children's group. The group keeps an incessant activity by the teaching labour with the kids and the dedication upon infantile group. That  ensures the continuity of the labour and the relay of the members.

The family is important too and takes part in the group, so in the labour to back up. At the same time, parents who want to learn few about dancing are really welcome to it, so they can later on take part on the  performances at the "plazas" (street, square).