BETI JAI ALAI is a Basque folkloric group born from the  popular feelinn in the neighbourhood of Basurto (Bilbao, Spain), and compromised since its foundation to learn and to teach all related to the dance and the Basque folklore.

kartelaThe effort made in mentioned commitment allows at the present time to be able to exhibit sixty people strengthened group and a repertory of the further complete and varied of the dances, music, instruments, songs and traditional clothes of different basque provinces: Zuberoa, Lapurdi, Araba, Gipuzkoa, Nafarroa and Bizkaia. Although more strongly of Bizkaia, province where the group comes from.

The group was formally born on 24th April  1968, according to the existent documents, and celebrated the XXV anniversary of its foundation in 1993. Its first performance took place on  April 21 1968 in the “City Sports Pabillion” of Bilbao, according to reflected in the magazine “Txistulari” (flautist). 


Currently, only three or four members belong to the first generation of dancers, when the dance places were situated in the brewer of the neighbourhood of Basurto.

Years after, the group would be accepted in some spaces of theneighbourhood church, even that in 1987, the group achieves to buy in property an establishment to practice, until 2003, when the group purchased a bigger place for it. 

The present-day places allows , for its amplitude, getting together essay places  clothes and material storage and the clerical and little library.

On 1993 BETI JAI ALAI celebrated its 25th anniversay, bringing for the occasion a russian group from Perm (Ural mountains). Later on, on 2008, the group celebrated its 40th anniversary, creating specially for that occasion a show held in the Arriaga theater in Bilbao. The show recreated 4 different images of the history Bilbao:

  • Bilbao's nobles f¡Festivity on XVIth century: tournament and dances of that time;
  • Festivity of Corpus Christi on XVII and XVIIIth  centuries: dancers and giants pocession;
  • Bilbao's Carnivals,  XIX / XX th centuries;
  • "Romerias" (local religious festivities) in Bilbao and surroundings and dances and "Aurreskus" performed nowadays in Begoña (Bilbao).

On 2013 BETI JAI ALAI will celebrate its 45th anniversary.